Advanced Patient Care Benefit Package

We go beyond the restrictions of your insurance.

Please do not hesitate to let our office know if you are interested in our program. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Non-Covered Medical Services

Advanced Patient Care Benefit Package

Our practice would like to introduce the Advanced Patient Care Benefit Package, a way for us to provide you–our patients–with the highest level of care through non-covered services. We believe in exceeding our patients’ expectations and the restrictions of insurance companies to provide you with the world-class service that has become the standard at our practice.

Surinder Saini, M.D., Inc. has been widely recognized by our patients, referring physicians, and the broader Orange County community for providing state of the art medical care in a warm, personalized environment.

As our practice has grown over the past sixteen years, many aspects of the medical environment have changed; however, our commitment to this exceptional level of care has never wavered.

Despite the increase in premiums for health care insurance, reimbursements to physicians continue to erode, threatening our ability to provide the level of service that many patients have come to expect. We continue to explore various options to deal with this crisis in health care, and its impact on our delivery of health care and support services to patients. Many practices have elected to stop accepting Medicare and other insurance altogether and move to concierge models with dramatic limitations on practice size. However, our office has decided to continue accepting Medicare and other insurance plans at this time.

We are not willing to sacrifice the personalized nature of our services which has been the hallmark of our practice.

We invite you to support our request for an administrative fee, thus allowing us to maintain this incredible level of service in our Advanced Patient Care Benefit Package. The package entitles you to many benefits that are usually not covered by insurance companies.

Your ongoing care in our office is not contingent upon signing up for these services. We will continue to provide gastroenterology care as before and accept Medicare and PPO insurance plans. In an effort to provide you with the best service possible, we encourage you to discuss this package openly with Dr. Surinder Saini.

Thank you for your continued support and for choosing Surinder Saini, M.D., Inc. for your gastroenterology care. We look forward to maintaining our special doctor-patient relationship as the health care delivery system evolves over the coming years. Remember: we steadfastly remain your best advocate no matter what changes occur.