Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Robert Egan

Gastroenterologist (Retired)
John Wayne‘s Personal Physician”

“As a gastroenterologist myself that has practiced for over 30 years, I trust no one other than Dr. Saini for the care of my GI health.

Dr. Saini is at the top of his field and is a leader in the care of the gastrointestinal tract. Over 20 other local OC physicians trust Dr. Saini for their personal GI care. If that’s not reflective of his surgical skill and medical expertise, then I don’t know what is.”

Patient Testimonials

Susan M.

Dr. Saini’s Patient
Cheyenne, WY

“There are simply no words to express my  appreciation for your care during my stay at the hospital–while I was visiting California.

Your calm, your kindness, and your precise attention to every detail of my care instilled in me the confidence to know that everything that could be done was being done for my recovery.

Your thoughtfulness eliminated my concerns and allowed me to focus on just getting better.”

Leroy L.

Dr. Saini’s Patient
Westminster, CA

“When I came to your door, I was in pretty sad shape and in rapid decline. Now thanks to you, I am being well cared for and hope is once again upon the horizon.

How do you thank someone for saving your life?

Had it not been for your swift and decisive actions, I doubt that I would be alive today. Thank you for everything.”

Shelley F.

Dr. Saini’s Patient
Houston, TX

“Thank you so very much for saving my life. I had no idea how sick I was and was convinced that I could recover by myself.

You have been so kind and patient with my family and I.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me through this difficult time. I have the utmost confidence in you and am so grateful for your help.”

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